Red White and Boom, Angry Elevens

Okay, so no one had signed up for Q and it interrupted our 421 Fellowship experience.  Therefore, it had to be volunteered, so take it as an opportunity to be dreadful and encourage others to Q, perhaps from self defense….

Regardless of not having a Pre Post Announcement, 17 posted with an FNG.  Some of the conversation was about Checkbook’s JDRF walk on Saturday, and how there was a dog that outweighed Kay–but a defense for the “little guy” was appreciated by both Tenderfoot and YHC.  After sticking the landing on the mission, the disclaimer and some general directions regarding modification for the FNG, we moseyed to the cul de cats for Warmarama.  Gilmore began his early but constant mumblechatter….of dissent.


  • SSH’s, 25 IC
  • Abe Vigodas, 10 IC
  • Sun Gods, Thumbs Down, Sobriety Style, 20 IC, Reverso (with snoring from Gilmore)
  • Imperial Walkers, 25 IC sludge corrected me twice:)

Kotters to Flounder, good to have him back–

Mosey to Bus Staging Area

Elevens: Dips and Derkins on the guardrail by the learning cottage…mumblechatter slowed, especially when the Sugar Rays had an opportunity to plank for the six..right arm up, left arm up, and then six inches (For the first time, Red Hot said, “yeah, right”).  Once again, FloRida displayed impeccable form.  Otherwise much modification, remembering Sludge’s first day when he doggedly stuck to it even with bleeding knees….and not as much mumblechatter from Gilmore….

Mosey to the hill by the baseball field

Elevens:  Dying Cockroaches (IC) and LBC’s (4x).  Thus, for the first number, touch right and left foot eleven times each for the ten dying cockroaches, down the hill forward, and 4 LBC’s.  Run backwards up the hill.  Consider it a fun run.  Special Ed did.  Or something that Kryptonite, who was consistently out front, might have dreamt up.

Mosey toward the bus circle…but

Pub Crawl, bear crawling up the hill, performing a merkin at each of the lines.  ~20 merkins.  Fanny Pack seemed to enjoy….

Mosey to the bus benches

Elevens:  Peter Parker Derkins at the benches, run to the opposite side of the parking lot, Worst Primate Humpers Ever (gorilla, monkey and capuchin).

Sucked.  YHC tried to offer some gentle explanation to Deliverance on proper PPD’s, only to be returned with “I can’t, and kiss my a….”  Blue Hen had his magic shoes on today, so he was all over the transitions–well done!

Omaha–time was running out.  With the direction to go to the basketball court, Hardy showed Kay-like speed way out in front.  Crankbait doubled back to see the six…only to find YHC…


  • Knee jumps, 15 OYO
  • Cindy Crawfords, 10 IC, reverso, great form from Fortran, have to pair him with Dean next time
  • American Hammers, 25 IC, nicely done by Fanny Pack

Once we discovered the FNG was distantly related to that Pulliam Hot Dog fame, the naming became a bit easier–Hot Dog, Foot Long (never), Vienna Sausage (hard to say), and then we landed on “Red Hot,” not necessarily because it is one of the smallest of the sausages, but more because of its festive appearance at parties and, as FloRida said, it “rolls off the tongue.”  Red Hot, welcome to F3!

Gilmore led us out.

Thanks for the strong work, men,

Always an honor,

Dr. Evil

PAX:  Fortran, Hardy, Flounder, Deliverance, Kryptonite, Crankbait, Checkbook, Gilmore, Kay, Sludge, Special Ed, Tenderfoot, Red Hot (FNG, Ben Pulliam), Fanny Pack, Blue Hen, FloRida, Dr. Evil

Q: Dr. Evil

Date:  11/06/2017

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