F3 Jinja lauch!

Three brave PAX (YHC and 2 FNGs) gathered under the black, red, and yellow shovel flag in the intense equatorial sunshine to brave a virgin AO and beat the heat together. After a lengthy disclaimer and explanation of F3 and the philosophy and purpose behind the whole deal, we jumped to it and started the workout with an Indian Run around the perimeter of our new AO.

Warm-O-Rama (in cadence):


Sobriety Sungods x15 in each direction

Don Quixote x15

Bobby Hurley x15

Squats x10


A brief mosey to the pain stations for explanation of terms.


The Thang:

The assembled PAX tackled the four pain stations, alternating between exercise A and exercise B for each new lap.

Pain Station 1 – A -merkins x20, B-LBCx30 – jailbreak to next painstation

Pain Station 2 – A-monkey humpers x20, B-prisoner get-ups x15 – bear crawl  to next painstaion

Pain Station 3 – A-car bumper dips x20, B-car bumper step-ups x20 – lunge walk to next painstaion

Pain Station 4 – A-Captain Dan x10, B-reverse LBC x20, mosey back to pain station 1


The men put up with this agonizing beat down for 25 minutes while the Ugandan sun beat down on us. It was probably more sweat than three men have ever expelled outside of a sauna. One member of the PAX excelled without even breathing heavy (not YHC). We then had a forced break while waiting for Bluetooth pairing before proceeding to:

Roxanne. plank, plank jacks, and merkins throughout. Lots of mumblechatter.

Recovery while we slow-moseyed back to the shovel flag for mother.

6MOM (in cadence):


Cindy Crawford x10 each side

reverse LBC x10

Freddie Mercury x15


Circle of Trust and Name-o-rama.

YHC (The Real Toto) Hate!

FNG (Mark Guthrie – F3 name Turkey) Aye!

FNG (Enoch – F3 name Cottonball) Hate hate!


Always an honor,