Back Blast: Flash Bang Friday in 3-D, no glasses required

Date: 10/27/17

Pax: Blue Hen, Dean,  Chipper, Epstein, Gilmore,  Sludge, Flo Rida, Deliverance,  Dr. Evil, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Kay, Checkbook, Kenny G

QIC: Fortran

Fifteen loyal Pax, including a special guest appearance by fan-favorite Kenny FNG, joined on a cool October morning for YHC’s virgin Q.  After nailing the purpose statement a short mosey brought us to the traditional warm-up circle.


  • SSH’s, 25 Reverso Cadence, tclaps to the Pax for handling this twist with no confusion, thus preventing this exercise from continuing until students began arriving
  • Hillbillys, 20IC
  • Abe Vigoda, 15IC
  • Cotton Pickers, 15IC
  • Sun God’s, 15IC, Reverso, Chinooks, 15IC, Reverso, Morrocan Night Clubs, 15IC – all Sobriety Style–somewhere near the end of these the comment of “45 minute warmarama” was heard #NoMumblechatterForVQ

Mosey to bus shelter area.

The Thang

Pax numbered off by 3s to provide some crowd control.  YHC explained the 3-D workout would be done OYO in a ladder to 10 and the three groups separated to the designated stations as follows:

  • Derkins at the rail
  • Dips at the benches
  • Dans, the exploding lieutenant kind, across the parking lot

The running between stations was a little more than anticipated, #whomovedthebenches, but YHC heard few complaints, or mumblechatter of any type for that matter, so I guess it was okay.  There were a few anxious moments when some school personnel arrived exceeding the posted speed limit, but the cry of “CAR, CAR, CAR” kept everyone safe.

Mosey back to the basketball court with a well-executed pre-mosey by Checkbook and Kenny G.  Good job by all.


  • LBC’s, 20 IC
  • Low slow(?) flutters, 20 IC
  • Cindy Crawfords, 15 IC x 2
  • American Hammers, 20 IC


  • Mega tomorrow with Flo Rida and friends Q’ing the 8th pain station, clown cars leaving at 6 and 6:30 in the morning.  Clothing donations as noted in previous emails will be collected and taken with the group.
  • Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor!