Red White and Boom, a Tribute to the ZZ Top of the 80’s

16 Loyal Pax joined together to celebrate that rock anthem which is Legs by ZZ Top.  Only Blue Hen could guess before the first exercise, so well done….

Before the 5:30 sharp mark, there were already words being tossed between Tramp Stamp and Hardy, but he would not confess as to the reason for referencing YHC…hmmm…. Great to have Fanny Pack here to lessen the dull roar before the warmarama…

Without an FNG, the mosey began to the cul de sac for the warmarama.  Blue Hen noted that for the very first time, he and Check Book — who opted for something a little less sinister to work out in today–were at the head of the pax on a mosey.  Well done, again.

  • SSH’s, 35 IC
  • Copperhead squats, 20 IC
  • Cotton pickers, 20 IC
  • Don Quixotes, 15 IC

Bus lot mosey

  • Bunny hop to each line
  • Burpee at line
  • Hold Al Gore at end

Strong showing by the silent but deadly Chipper and Deliverance, not to be confused with any Gilmore emissions.

Mosey to hill

  • Backward run the hill 15 times
  • Both up and down

Fortran, freshly back from CA, apparently forgot how to drive and refused to stay in his lane.  YHC doesn’t think that Hardy was even trying.  Confusion ran rampant on the number of hills that “down and back equal one, and do 15 of those” meant, and Crankbait either did 30 or 5…still not sure.

Mosey to bus lot near benches


  • Ten One leg squats on one side of bench (7 first time)
  • Step onto the bench, squat
  • Down on opposite side of bench
  • One One leg squat on opposite side (1)
  • Step onto the bench, squat
  • Repeato until sevens are complete

As Dave and his dog passed, Sludge and Special Ed suggested for the dog to bite the Q.  For some reason they said that the dog would not be an ankle biter, but that it would be able to be a thigh or even a midsection biter on the Q….not cool.

To side of school for wall sits

3 minutes, maybe less…  Dean asked Tramp Stamp if, when his lower back pressed against the wall, did it leave a transfer of his tattoo….but only after Tramp Stamp complained that he was too wide to wall sit against the school.  Who does that?

To the front of the school

  • 25 prisoner get ups IC
  • Odd numbers, start with left leg
  • Even numbers, start with right leg

Only at the insistence of the OCD Gilmore did we have to do 26 of these to improve the balance from left to right….perfect.

Running ahead somewhat because of the Pax speed, we stopped at the hill on the side of the school to have some lunges…Never before tried, it went something like this:

  • Standing facing up the hill, lunge up the hill in cadence, 20IC
  • Standing facing down the hill, lunge down the hill in cadence, 10IC


Mosey to Basketball Court

Pick up cards

  • Squat, lightly set the card on the ground
  • Stand
  • Squat, pick up the card
  • Squat, lightly set the card on the ground
  • Stand….

Repeato for a total of 25 IC

Thanks to Crawdaddy for offering to share cards, realizing the Q definitely needed help by this time.  Thanks to Special Ed for collecting the cards into the box.


  • High Knees in Cadence, 25 IC
  • Low Slow Flutters, 25 IC
  • Low Dollies, 15 IC
  • American Hammers, 25 IC

Pax: Special Ed, Hardy, Blue Hen, Tramp Stamp, Crankbait, Sludge, Fanny Pack, Crawdaddy, (Dr.?) Dean, Chipper, Gilmore, Fortran, Deliverance, Checkbook, Dr. Evil

Announcements/Prayer Concerns:

  • Crankbait’s cousin’s wife is going into rehab for painkillers, son staying with youth pastor
  • Kay Sleepover, sign up!
  • Mega in Greensboro this Saturday, Gilmore leading the charge
  • Toto on the start of Uganda F3
  • Tarde

Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor, but the steps at work suck….

Dr. Evil