Commuters – Pain in the Park, October 21, 2017

Pax:       Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Sludge, Dr. Evil, Sprinkler, Lucky Charms, FloRida (QIC)

The few and the proud posted this clear October morning to sweat out the excesses of Friday night. Gather-period mumblechatter centered on Pacer’s “Caption this photo” contest, and the Pax agreed, with rare unanimity, it was a worthy Friday afternoon distraction.  Pressure is now on Pacer to come up with another suitably bizarre photo next week.

With not even a baseball team among us, and no FNGs, QIC offered no welcome, announcement, mission statement or disclaimer, simply trotting off to the cul-de-sac for a short WARMARAMA:

Side Straddle Hops – 25 IC

Windmills, or Jack LaLannes as Lucky Charms prefers to call them, at a pace that would have Gilmore howling in protest.  – 20 IC

Mountain Climbers – 20 IC

Then a short mosey to the unseasonably dark outdoor theatre for a French lesson from Sprinkler and The THANG:

Commute via run from Point A, the theatre benches, to Point B, the Porte Cochére entry to the auditorium, and back. Surprisingly, even with a petit-Pax, there were a few near-collisions before sidewalk lanes were established in the pre-dawn gloom.

Work at Point A and Point B to be completed in ELEVENS format:

A: Derkins ; B: Bobby Hurleys.
Dr. Evil was nearly invisible in black long sleeves.  Early finishers hold Crab for the Six.

A: Bench Dips ; B: Lt Dans.
Crawdaddy and Dr. Evil formed a counting coalition, matching each other step for step and rep for rep.

YHC pressured by the Pax to rip through the Dans at doubletime.  QIC requested a Hold Plank for the six, but returned to Point A find the Pax in disarray, with Lucky Charms actually reclining on a bench with legs crossed.

A: WWI situps ; B: WWII situps.
The always guileless Sprinkler showered encouragement on the Pax with each pass along the commute route.  At the opposite end of the Iron-Sharpening spectrum, Sludge, who pressed the commute pace throughout, badgered YHC to keep up. Inspired by Checkbook’s Rocky-esque sweats and beanie, Lucky Charms led the Pax up the courthouse stairs at the end of the final lap.  Yo, Adrienne!

A: Mountain Climbers ; B: PlankJacks.  Both In Cadence.
A double burst of gut-punching cardio to close it out.  After bemoaning the rep-counting demands throughout, Dr Evil finished strong by picking up the stray Plankjacks at the end.

After 40 round trips, totaling about a mile and a half, the Pax ran some more, to the Basketball Court.   To its surprise, the Pax found the court occupied by Saturday’s sunrise basketball and litter event.  Saving the skin on seven spines from being ground away by the parking lot pavement, QIC relocated to the grassy knoll for 6 Minutes of Mary:

LBC – 20 IC
Nolan Ryan – 10 IC each side
American Hammers – 30 IC.

Followed by a short Circle of Trust to remember:
Tarde on the DL after car accident.
Shelly, Dr Evil’s co-worker lost home and contents in a fire.
Kathy, Dr. Evil’s cousin struggling with ALS.
Ruby, 3 y.o. daughter of Checkbook’s friend, seriously injured when tables fell on her.

YHC took us out.
Always an honor and a privilege to share The Gloom with this group of Men.


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