Flash Bang Friday – Casino Royale – Everybody plays but the house always wins – 10/20/17

Flash Bang Friday – Casino Royale – Everybody plays but the house always wins – 10/20/17

Pax: Florida, Chipper, Dean, Deliverance, Blue Hen, Spicoli, Dr. Evil, Kaepernick, Hardee, Lucky Charm, Special Ed, Pacer, Epstien, Sludge, Trampstamp, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy – special thanks to Coach Florida who wisely advised the Q “tell them as little as you can… they are morons and it confuses them”  I inferred the second part of that quote.

16 Pax  gathered under pristine skies to finish off the week.  5:25 gather mumble 5:30 mosey to baseball diamond parking lot.

Counted pax off by 3s prior to mosey… which not shockingly was met by fear, confusion and ridicule..



15 Side straddle hops, 15 Abe Vigotas, 10 Copperhead Squats, 10Imperial Walkers.

The Thang; Pax vs. the House..              #’s 1,2&3 are assigned in order to the task of Arm exercise, Leg exercise and Ab exercise..

At each mosey stop 1 chosen member of each # will send a representative to the table who will announce their chosen exercise and roll their dice.  Dice then multiplied x5, which the pax will perform.  At the terminus of the exercise, that pax will roll against the house.  Results of that roll off creates the following:

Pax wins – mosey to next station

House (Q) wins – repeat excersise

Tie – repeat that stations exercise and prior stations…..

Devastating results as follows:

Epstein (arms) was the first to belly up.. Carolina Dry Docks (20)..   vs. House LOSS   + Carolina Dry Docks (20)..

Spicoli (Legs) Squats (10 per leg) vs. House TIE + Squats (10 per leg) + Carolina Dry Docks (20)..   Crying began in earnest.

Evil (Abs?) annnnd the workout goes off the rails. Parker Peters inclined (25) vs. House LOSS + Parker Peters inclined (25).  Free reign was then given to pretty much disregard your assigned body part.  Arms legs and abs are certainly a lot to keep straight..

Florida (Arms) Shoulder Taps (5) vs. House TIE + Shoulder Taps (5) + Parker Peters inclined (25)

Dr. Florida doing the math…

Kaepernick (Legs) Lunges (20) vs. House LOSS + Lunges (20)

Hardee (Abs) Burpees (15)  vs. House TIE + Burpees (15) + Lunges (20)

Dean (Arms???)  WW1’s (20) vs. House- THE ONE WIN ON THE BOARD… way to go Dean!  Can win a dice roll, but has no idea what arms are or the exercise that go with them. (insert State Joke).

Special Ed (Legs) Homer and Marge (10) vs. House LOSS + Homer and Marge (10)

Sludge (Abs) Cindy Crawfords 10 each side  vs. House TIE + Cindy Crawfords 10 each side + Homer and Marge (10).

Total at cash out of chips leaving the Casino – Pax vs. Q(House) 4 Losses, 4 Ties(aka double loss), 1 Win.  Ouch…….

Dean led us through a final 25 (light your farts) LBCs.

6 MOM:

Freddie Mercury’s – 15

American Hammers – 15

Prayer Requests:

Kham struggling with health issues

Shelly who’s house burned down.



Special Ed led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents.  Crawdaddy

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