2017-10-18 Poison Ivey Backblast

5:30 Warmarama Run to Big Parking lot

25x Side Straddle Hop

15x Mountain Climber

12x Gilmores (True Abe Vigoda by holding 3 count each side)

12x Sun Gods

16x Copperhead Squat

16x Stream Ripper

5:40 Thang

Option #1 – Four Corners

  • Corner #1 – 10x Burpees (Lap #1), 15x Hand Release Merkins (Lap #2), 20x Diamond Merkins (Lap #3)
  • Corner #2 – 20x Jump Squat (Lap #1), 30x Orangatang Squat (Lap 2), 20x Lt. Dan (Lap #3)
  • Corner #3 – 20x Dips (Lap #1), 20x Dirkins (Lap #2), 30x Irkins (Lap #3)
  • Corner #4 – 20x LBC (In Cadence), 20x Freddie Mercury (Single Count), 40x Flutter Kick (Single Count)

Option #2 – Merlot Relay (Team up into two groups)

Round #1 – 14x Concrete Cylinders – Start at West side with all 14. As a team, you move one at a time, one line at a time.  Entire way across parking lot.  Pick up you do 10x Overhead Press. Before you set down you do 10x Squat.

Round #2 – Take up to (2) at a time. No limits, as fast as you can do it.


20x LBC

20x Low slow flutter

12x Each Side Cindy Crawford

20x American Hammer (Counted by Deliverance)


21 PAX –Deliverance, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Epstein, High Heels, Blue Hen, Fergie, Spicoli, Chipper, Kryptonite, Tramp Stamp, Pacer, Gilmore, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Special Ed, Lucky Charm, Crank Bait, Flounder, Dean.

The first morning in the 30s for the fall did not prevent a large group from showing up. Although Kay was no where to be found.  We started by drawing a line in the sand, Cardio workout versus regular workout.  YHC attempted to guilt trip people into joining the cardio workout since only (6) people went that way…His attempts were in vain…We all moseyed to the big parking lot for the warmarama.  We took the concrete cylinders with us (they were there to simulate the weight difference between Gilmore before and after taking care of business mid-workout).

We then started the thang by moseying around to show everyone where the (4) corners were.

Then the thang began. YHC has no idea how the four corners workout went, but hopes someone that did it will post a comment…Meanwhile, the Merlot Marathon relay went swimmingly. (6) loyal to the Q pax dominated concrete testing cylinders up and down the parking lot.  @Fergie, fresh off of a half-marathon dominated the relay. @Kryptonite didn’t even hobble…Meanwhile, Spicoli, High Heels, and one other Pax who is slipping Dean’s mind (@chipper?) was on the other Merlot Relay team…

We then Indian ran with the concrete cylinders to Mary’s…

Random Musings:

Spicoli continues to forget his F3 name!

Dr. Evil and Sludge did not appreciate YHC’s challenge to count!

The concrete cylinders did not weigh the same. So are light-weight concrete, others normal-weight.  It’s not your muscles being that different between arms.

Announcements: Sign up to Q (No one signed up for Friday or Saturday!)

Prayer Requests: Crankbait’s wife’s cousin Ashley – hard times.  Uncle of @Hardie has lung cancer.

Your most humble Q,


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