Red, White and Boom – How do you define a Hero? Monday – 10/9/17

Red, White and Boom –

How do you define a Hero?  – Monday – 10/9/17

Pre opening – shared thoughts with Pax on two of my Heroes and challenged us to define that term in each of our lives.  Their story below if you care to read more. – Also learned that Chipper had a friend who fought along side of them 10/3/1993.

Pax: Gisele, Gilmore, Tarde, Florida, Chipper, Dean, Deliverance, Blue Hen, Tenderfoot, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Kay, Fortran, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

14 Pax  gathered in the soup if only just to prove they were manly-er than the far more intelligent “fartsackers”.  5:25 gather mumble 5:30 mosey to circle. To engage in an warm-o-rama of uber excitment.

Setting the tone for the morning hidden cameras caught this awkward conversation between Dr. Evil and Dean (as Florida and Checkbook look on).

http://Dr. Evil – Dean conversation




15 Side straddle hops, 15 Copperhead Squats, 15 Cotton Pickers, 15 Mountain Climbers.


Pax then mosey’d up to the upper bus lot.

The Thang;  4 Stations as follows starting at any station (with fun traveling between   the 2):

  1. (Station 1)15 Split Jacks  –
  2. 10 Broad Jump Burpees to station 2
  3. (Station 2) 5 (4X4s)  – 4merkins – 4 Mountain Climbers
  4. (Station 310 Step ups each leg.
  5. 10 Broad Jump Burpees to station 4
  6. (Station 4) 15 Big Boy Sit Ups… Mmmmmm Bacon.

**** note from editor – it did suck a lot more that when written on paper relaxing at home. – My sincere gratitude to Gilmore for helping me not openly weep.

At 3 full cycles (Gordon and Shughart made 3 requests) for the Pax.  Mosey to BBall court for Mary. On our run the rain started in earnest and management requested the pax “embrace the rain”.. then quickly found shelter.  Do as I say DEAN!! and stop asking questions!

Quick stop along the way when headlights spotted for a few Monkey Humpers.. (anyone see  the resemblance to Sludge)??


Homer and Marge, X & O, 15 Dying Coachroaches, 25 American Hammers – (10+3+9+3)..

22 Merkins.

Prayer requests:

Kay talked about the Mega – 10/28/17 – requested someone to run the pain station

Guys weekend – signup

Juvey’s father in law – surgery


Florida led us out.


Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy

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