Backblast for Pain in the Park on 10/7/17

14 PAX: Checkbook, Tramp Stamp, Blue Hen, Sprinkler, Crankbait, Crawdaddy, FloRida, Dr. Evil, Fortran, Kapernick, Chipper, Yoyo, Lexi (FNG), Tarde (Q)

Props to Yoyo for EH’ing his dog, Lexi. No telling what odors Lexi was exposed to today (or where/how those odors were encountered), but Lexi fit right in with F3 Kernersville.   Oh, and it was great to have Yo-yo back with us too.


  • SSH x10IC
  • Nancy Kerrigan x10IC each side
  • Lunges x10IC
  • Slow plank jacks x10IC
  • Hill Billys x10IC
  • Big Arm circles x10IC each side

BTTT THANG – Set to Chicago, “Saturday in the Park”
Balls to the tree, hold for about a 10 to 20 count. Then run down around the playground, stop for 2 pull ups on other side of playground, continue around playground and back up to trees. Repeat the cycle until time was called by Q. Was aiming for about 4 or 5 cycles. For more of a challenge, add a few military presses during BTTW.

Moseyed to front of school. Backpedaled across the front lawn to the cones that were set up for…

AMRAP THANG (adapted slightly, based on AMRAP F3 workout of One Call in the Grand Strand area)

Work hard. Use proper form. If you stop, you are done. If your form sucks (or gets sucky), you are done. Even if that means only 1. Get up and sprint to cones and back again. Don’t jog slow. There should be no rest.  Rinse and Repeat whole thing as many times as you can.

We did this for about 25-30 minutes, and I think most completed 2 or 3 cycles.

  • AMRAP Merkins. Sprint to sign and back.
  • AMRAP WWII SU’s. This is not a rest. Crank them out. Sprint to sign and back.
  • AMRAP CDD’s. Sprint to sign and back.
  • 100 Squats. Sprint to sign and back.
  • AMRAP Low Flutter. Sprint to sign and back.
  • 10 Burpees Sprint to sign and back.

For the fellowship F of F3, the Pax was on point. It was great to see the races amongst the PAX sprinting out across the field and back, and then to hear the winners lament having expended the effort to now face, say, 100 squats or AMRAP low flutters. Music was not planned, but I fired up a few selections from my wife’s playlist on amazon prime, for hits such as Cindi Lauper “Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun”, Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation”, and Mariah Carey “Fantasy”. If anyone was driving by, I’m sure they had some thoughts about the combination of sights and sounds. Lexi the dog seemed to enjoy chasing and smelling. It was a multi-sensory event. The music stoked the mumblechatter, on a scale of 1-10, to about an 11. There may have been a request for a conga line. Fun times in the gloom.

From there we moseyed up past the football field, while my phone insisted on streaming Ah-ha’s “Take on me”. Loud and proud. Folks who arrived early to prep for Raider football must have loved it.

We went to the secluded courtyard behind the school for….

Each pax could choose, depending on the exercise they needed/wanted. Crab Humpers (hold crab, then pelvic thrust) OR Pickle Pounder (Elbow Plank, then pelvic thrust). Played Black Eyed Peas “My hump” (55 reps) – had to call Omaha about halfway through, so only 25-30 reps.  Solid mumblechatter for this one.

Too bad Fergie didn’t join us today!

For the Mosey back to the Basketball court, I was able to get the technology to play Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”.  Perfect for impressing the lady who feeds the cats.  Ultra-macho.

6MOM @ Basketball court
Xs and Os
Cindy Crawfords x20
AH x20IC

Next Sunday @5PM, doing B3 at 421 market/grill. Will have Brunswick Stew. Look for an announcement From Sprinkler about getting a headcount for this event.

Continue to pray for Crankbait’s Homeless friend David.  He is out of jail and struggling.

Keep Yo-Yo’s son, Wall-E in your prayers. He’s been at College for 4 weeks, missing home a bit.

Sprinkler took us out.

Always an honor,