Red, White and Boom Monday – “Aiken ain’t just a city in SC” 10/2/17

Red, White and Boom Monday – “Aiken ain’t just a city in SC” 10/2/17

Pax: Gisele, Crankbait, Tarde, Florida, Sludge, Special Ed, Deliverance, Flounder, Tenderfoot, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Kay, Blue Hen, Fortran, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

15 Pax  gathered in the (gloomless) gloom to embrace the week.  5:25 gather mumble 5:30 mosey to circle. To engage in an warm-o-rama that was almost scary in it’s lack of mumble chatter.



10 Side straddle hops, 10 Nancy Kerrigans (per leg), 10 Abe Vigotas, 10 Imperial Walkers (which although counted flawlessly – we apparently also incorrect).  So sue me… it’s how Leia taught me to do them at summer camp in ’77.

Pax then mosey’d up to the playground:

The Thang;  6 Stations as follows starting at any station:

  1. 20 Squats – Clyde style with fingertips touching the ground
  2. 20 Split Jacks (which brought a strange and seemingly shameless amount of talent, form and enthusiasm to bare from Tenderfoot and Deliverance).  With actual cheering from one , enough to cause other Pax to take at least a few steps back.
  3. 20 Lunges – only Florida was smart enough to start making these travel to the next station.
  4. 20 LBCs (IC) – on the rubber playground causing Tarde to ponder how “rubber nuggets” could hurt a mans back so bad… awkward silence was certainly expected following such a statement.
  5. Run down path to light pole for 20 Merkins – sighting of Kay doing some at such low upstroke dubbed by one Pax as Planked Monkey Humpers..  was also advised that Special Ed’s grunting /belching was enough for others to share his breakfast.
  6. 20 Box jumps – different wall heights depending on SAT scores.



Having the fun meter full,  Omaha called.  Mosey to BBall court for Mary.


Homer and Marge, 15 Freddy Mercury’s, Cindy Crawfords 10 each side, American Hammers 15,

22 Merkins.

Prayer requests:

Thoughts and prayers with shooting victims in LV.

Linda Parker

Mary – 6 month’s all clear bill of health

Special Ed – mentioned Cornerstone Charter Academy – bone marrow blood drive

MSUMC – service opportunities  – Fortran – 1st Baptist to help kids with homework.

Tarde led us out.


Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy