Backblast: Pain in the Park – 6 Packs & Burps

With the Q still hobbling, 15 pax came out on a nice fall morning to see if he could still bring the pain. The cook even had an apprentice as Dr. Evil showed up with a nice addition to his head. The bandanna was a nice addition to help minimize the glare but he should leave the pancakes to the master. No FNG’s present this morning so we were off to get things started. We took off on a short mosey to the basketball court for the warm-up.  It should be noted that we were a total of 15 at the start of the warm-up until Tardy arrived fashionably late to the party.

Warm-O-Rama (IC):

Plank Jacks X20

Overhead Claps (sobriety) X10 each leg

Squating Seagulls X15

Sun Gods (sobriety) X10 each direction

Imperial Walker X10

Frankenstein Crossovers X10

Inverted Abe X10

A mosey ensued from the basketball court to the upper lot behind the school. Shortly into the mosey we came to a halt. The mumble chatter was unbearable so we were placed into 2 lines for an Indian Run. We made our way to the small hillside where we split into two groups to begin the workout.

The Thang:

Burps and Hills – Team 1 completed burpees while team 2 went up (backwards)/down hill 5X; teams switch and continue; rinse & repeat 4X with 4th time only doing 3 hills

All pax move to edge of parking lot and divide into 3 teams for next bit of beatdown fun

Team 1 completes Maktar N’Diayes while team 2 traverses parking lot (~30′) doing sloth walk to relieve team 3 doing flutter kicks; team 3 then runs to relieve team 1; rinse & repeat until each team has completed 3X

It didn’t take long for Tramp Stamp to be reminded once again that gloves are a good idea!

For a break in the action, the pax completed 15 monkey humpers each IC

Back into 3 teams – T1 performed WWI Cockroach; T2 Bear Crawl to T3; T3 completes merkins; T3 runs to relive T1; Rinse & Repeat 3X

Mosey back to basketball court where the pax were ready and anticipating some Mary, but we still had more time. The Q brought was prepared as we gathered for a little ChumbaWumba Tub Thumping – Burpee performed each time we heard “I get Knocked Down”. Nearing the end of the song, Gilmore could not take any more and decided he would kill the music.

This was a nice lead into Mary since we were all gathered and ready.


Bicycle by Queen – a wide variety of bicycles were observed as this song continued to completion

Reverse LBC X15 (IC)

Peter Parker X10 (IC)

American Hammer (completed while listening to Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash)

The Pax: Gilmore, FloRida, Lucky Charms, Deliverance, Dr. Evil, Crawdaddy, Blue Hen, Chipper, Hardy, Checkbook, Tramp Stamp, Fortran, Tardy, Tenderfoot, Sludge, Kryptonite

COT: Reminder – Kay’s guys trip coming up in early Nov. – sign up if you want to go

FloRida led us out

I promise to be heavy on the legs for my next Q. Always an Honor!