“Clocks” – Red White and Boom Backblast

It was a workout built around clocks and the number 8.  In honor of YHC’s 8y.o. niece Lucy, who is having a pacemaker installed this morning.

18 PAX fought the “sad clown” this beautiful morning: Flounder, Tenderfoot, Bondo, Kryptonite, Special Ed, Jordache, Sludge, Deliverance, Fanny Pack, Kay, Spicoli, Chipper, Dr. Evil, Crawdaddy, Gilmore, Crankbait, Blue Hen, Tarde (Q)



SSH – x8IC

Newton’s cradle x8IC

Flying sun gods sobriety style (AKA Nancy Kerrigans) x8IC each side (Check the Exicon.  Seriously.)

Exploding clock Lt. Dans x8IC – Lt. Dan, then explode a quarter turn, 3, 6, 9, 12 O’clock.  Kinda like the Macarena.  (YHC apologizes to Tenderfoot for calling him Webelos, but it was funny, so totally worth it)


Balls to the Tree Clock: BTTW on a tree, travel in a circle clockwise as many revolutions as you are able, up to 8 times. (It sucked.  I don’t think anyone got more than 2 or 3 revolutions around their tree.  PAX questioned YHC…I had tried it at home and it was much easier…without the balls from sweet gum trees acting as ball bearings).

When done, run to playground, do 8 pull-ups, and then hold plank for the six.



Setup with starting line, end line, and three additional lines of cones at 25/50/75% in a field. Travel as instructed. At each line, perform exercise, turn 90 degrees clockwise, then continue (i.e. start 12 O’Clock forward, turn 3 O’Clock sideways, turn 6 O’Clock backwards, turn 9 O’Clock sideways).

1. Run clock… 8 burpees each line. (24 total)  So you end up running forward to the first cones, then sideways, then backwards, then other sideways, across the field.

2. Bear clock… 8 merkins each line.

3. Skip clock… 8 Bobby Hurleys at each line

4. Crab clock… 8 LBCs each line (Mumble chatter from Pax about “good thing my shoes aren’t wet in this grass”)

5. Standing long jump clock… 8 Lt. Dans each line

6. High step clock… 8 Prisoner get ups each line (lots of Mumble chatter from Kay about the high steps, plus much hating on the prisoner get ups…and finally concluded with a baby fart.)

7. SKIPPED DUE TO TIME…Lunge clock…8 shoulder taps each line.

8. Pair up for…Squerkin at each line. Yes, these are as bad as they sound.  And awkward.  (No pelvic thrusts, please Crawdaddy.)



Crabcakes – x8

Freddie Mercury x16

Rosalita Whip – x16

AH – x8

Prayer concerns and announcements.

Pray for Tarde’s niece, Lucy.  She is 8y.o., and her heart has been showing way down and sometimes stopping altogether.  At 6AM today, she went into surgery to have a pacemaker inserted to keep her heart beat from dropping too much or stopping.

Prayers for Pat Thomas, fell and broke her femur.

Dr. Evil going to see foot doctor tomorrow.

Epstein’s back… Good reports, but still under doctor’s orders to rest his back.

Thank you for all who helped at Susan’s.  Lots of yard work to do, some upcoming Saturday after F3 workout.

BOM – Gilmore took us out.

Always an honor, Tarde

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