Pain in the Park, a Sludge/Dr. Evil Presentation of Epic Failure

Seventeen loyal Pax convened for a combo workout between Sludge and YHC.  It was a rare non-volunteered Q day for Kernersville, so the two of us shared the duties–with a specific  goal of encouraging new Pax to embark on their Virgin Q’s.  We are really supportive and forgiving on the VQ, not so much with the veterans…

We moseyed to the cul de sac, and  started the show.

  • SSH, 25 IC with Pacer doing something just the “M” from YMCA dance #badknees #modifytoprotect #favoritebandvillagepeople #constructionguyworeaphoneclip
  • Abe Vigodas, 15 IC–no comments from Gilmore, so apparently the pace was appropriate
  • Thumbs down Sun Gods, Sobriety Style–22 IC and Reverso, instructions completely lost on Pacer and Sprinkler, who has become talkative like a teenage girl #girlpower #newride
  • So, after Tarde and Chipper decided to join us, we continued with Parker Peters, 12 IC — instructions to bring your knee to your elbow responded with “how do you get it past your belly?” #respectyourqueen (refer to lexicon)

Handoff to Sludge, who, no doubt, made everything up as he went…Sludge picked one person to continue until they failed, and only then could the pax stop the given exercise

  1. Curb toe taps, Sprinkler the chosen one, and he only stopped when his Hello Kitty backpack became a bit heavy…it comes standard with the car
  2. Planks, hands up to bench with a merkin, back to the concrete and repeato until finished.  Darn Chipper was a robot killing the pax–only stopped when begged.
  3. Incline Burpees: Gilmore suggested that the pax join him in facing downhill only to admit after 5 that it was a huge mistake.  Tramp Stamp became a non-crowd favorite when he went several too many.  #stud
  4. Backwards up the hill with two squats at the top until Kapernick called it quits or slowed down.  Crankbait, “Why?  Really, why the two squats at the top??”  Kapernick showed that he’s working out during the week with a solid showing.  FloRida with the quote of the day when he mentioned that Lucky Charms “all leather mall walkers” didn’t really get wet… #silveralert #velcrofuture
  5. Dips on rail with one leg up: note to self, changing legs doesn’t help with the dips, no matter how many changes.  Tenderfoot, what the heck?? You’ve only been out here a few weeks and wore us all out.
    • Mosey until all of us called fail.  Smurf jacks to wait for the six.  YHC pushed Tramp Stamp until he confessed that he was thinking that it didn’t look much different when YHC does smurf jacks….
  6. Tennis Court suicides, Blue Hen the fail.  With his new magic shoes he didn’t seem like he was ever going to stop….but alas, he finally called it quits from the front.
  7. Fence Sits with Arms up, but not holding the fence.  With Pacer’s pacing himself form the beginning of the workout, he did admirably….
  8. Balls to the Wall:  Tarde made it tough for the Pax, and it seemed that FloRida faced planted on his dismount.
  9. Leg Lifts, 6″: Crankbait continued as we almost lost Crawdaddy and others to Lucky Charms continued flatulent domination of Gilmore.  Tramp made the mistake of trying to breathe through his mount #chunky  Crankbait continued until we conceded that he was awesome.
  10. Merkins, FloRida Style:  Fail?  FloRida himself.  Demonstrating form that he’s known for, he paced and provided much challenge for the pax.
  11. Jump ups or Step ups:  Radar, fresh from the witness protection program under the pseudonym “Chris,” risked all of us outing him to the mob by continuing far too long.

Mosey to the basketball court

  • Tired of Roxanne?  Meet it’s evil twin, “So Lonely,” also by the Police.  Only one merkin for each mention of “lonely” and hold a plank through the rest.  ~4.5 minutes with ~60 merkins.  #omaha
  • Roll over for Superman, in several formats listening to a favorite….
  • American Hammers, to a prime number suggested by FloRida, 29 IC

Announcements/Prayer Concerns:

  • Special Ed’s mom, recovery from surgery
  • Toto
  • Alpo
  • Samaritan’s Purse, consider contributing to Hurricane Relief, 100’s of tons of aid being sent.  Need money.
  • David, Crankbait’s friend in jail, court date on Wednesday.  Prayers for his release.
  • Pumpkin Unload at MSUMC
  • Helping Susan Mueller
  • Kenny G–where are you, buddy?

Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor,

Sludge and Dr. Evil

(really, he’s right here with me helping format the post.  just like with special ed.  no, really.)

Pax: Pacer, Checkbook, Chipper, Tenderfoot, Kapernick, Radar, Tarde, Sludge, FloRida, Lucky Charms, Crawdaddy, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Blue Hen, Tramp Stamp, Gilmore, Dr. Evil

Date: 09/23/17

Q: Sludge and Dr. Evil

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