Poison Ivy 9-20-17

Poison Ivey Wednesday September 20, 2017


17 Pax members + the Q.  Posted this nice morning to hang out run a little bit and do some exercises with funny names.


Pax: Kay, Sprinkler, Check Book, Spicoli, Gisele, Deliverance, Tender Foot, Dean, Fortran, Crankbait, Tramp Stamp, Chipper, Hardy, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, and Bondo.


Q: Sludge


Moseyed around the lower parking lot so everyone could get a peek at Sprinklers new ride.  There were a few comments made from the pax (hard to believe) and Sprinkler even busted on himself.  We then moseyed over to the soccer field for warmarama.




Slow Straddle Hops

Slow Copper Head Squats


Frankenstein’s Rocket style


The Thang


10           Lt Durpees

20           Flo Rida Merkins

30           WWI or WWII (your choice)

40           Crab Cakes

50           Orangutan Squats


When the set of exercises were complete run down the soccer fields to the bright light and back when you hit the hill on the way back there was a pit stop (qty 5 backwards hills) then back to origination.


There was a penalty for finishing 1st and on the second round congrats to Kay he got to do qty 10 backwards hills (nice job he still smoked the Pax).


Rinse and Repeat until time was called


Mary with hills

Split up into 2 groups group 1 ran 2 hills while group 2 did the ab exercise and then swap positions


Low Flutters



Homer and Marge





Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Kay’s Sunday School Class Mate (Jenifer Lineberry)
  2. Toto & Alpo
  3. Kid on Crankbaits son soccer team is having brain surgery
  4. Special Ed’s Mom back & neck surgery
  5. Puerto Rico for Hurricane
  6. Mexico City for Earthquake
  7.  Radar


Please reach out to someone you have not seen and keep asking those who don’t know about us to come experience F3.


Dr. Evil led us out.



It is an honor to lead.




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