Pain in the Park, Radical Ripping and Grinding

Date: 09/09/2017

Pax: Pacer, Fergie, Sludge, Special Ed, Giselle, Fortran, Dean, Deliverance, Flounder, Crawdaddy, Lucky Charms, Hardy, Tramp Stamp, Crankbait, Hobbes, Doubtfire, Gilmore, Robo (visitor), Dr. Evil

QIC: Dr. Evil

Eighteen loyal pax opted not to lounge around in a van this weekend in the mountains and do some real work in the skateboard confines of the Fourth of July Park.  Eager to start, the pax moseyed to the basketball court for a start….


  • SSH’s, 15 IC
  • Plankmills, 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers, 15 IC
  • Parker Peters, 15 IC
  • Monkey Humpers, 15 IC
  • Sun Gods, 15 IC, Reverso

The Thang

15 stations, each with a chalk–mark your reps if you’re the highest in the 45 second interval.  There was some confusion on the chalk marks.  Only the highest should have been marked, not every time a pax completed a station.  And this….well, this was totally unacceptable.  

Move to the next station and start with the music (ok, the music part didn’t work).  Three times through the set if possible. Easy, right?


  1. Pullups : This might have been the most comical spot.  Special Ed simply hanging from the bar swinging around the stool.  Sprinkler asking if he was doing it right….Image result for plies ballet gifand Fergie’s brand new fitness watch accurately keeping up with his pull up.  Yep, singular.
  2. Jump over burpees  –Just when you thought that a Slurpee was the ultimate burpee modification, Sludge was caught rolling under the bar instead of jumping across… And Crawdaddy was seen running TO the burpees…after a self-described brief rest at the pull up station…
  3. Left leg squats
  4. Dips  FOuRTRAN’s favorite, get it??
  5. Right Leg squats
  6. 6 “ Plank (no number)
  7. Squats, Facing ramp, touch heels on the down–this apparently was too much like his other morning squatting position, because this was recorded in neanderthal fashion …………..
  8. Derkins
  9. Squat, Facing away from the ramp, touch heels on the down–Doubtfire back and in good form Related image
  10. Leg Lift, 6” (no number)
  11. Right Arm on Ramp, Merkins–at this turn is where Luck Charms puffed mummy dust and nearly killed Pacer.
  12. Curls:  Both Giselle and Hobbes looked to be recovering nicely from their DL’s, cranking out the curls….was one of them responsible for the 40 scored at that station?
  13. Left Arm on Ramp, Merkins
  14. Balls to the Wall (no number)…don’t worry Tramp Stamp, your secret is safe with us….
  15. Wall Sits, hands above you touching the wall (no number)


  • Rosalita, 15 IC
  • Pretzel Crunches, 15 IC, Reverso
  • Side Planks, 15 IC, Reverso
  • American Hammer, 25 IC

As we walk off, Flounder –who finally got the no-run workout that YHC has promised for the last 6 months mentions that Deliverance was upset that he didn’t get all of his three reps in….he’s a crusher….and Hardy is still collecting gloves….hopefully he’s washing them:)

Announcements/Prayer Concerns:

  • SpeedforNeed, 30th, 5k to benefit chair builds
  • Kay’s Sleepover
  • Pax families in Florida
  • Tclaps to the Houston F3 Pax, People Magazine
  • Pat Horner from MSUMC, his father in the hospital

Robo led us out–thanks for joining us!

Nice job by Crankbait with a really good devo–make your time count, everyone–and use it for good.

Always a pleasure,

Dr. Evil

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