Strength of the pax is the wolf, Strength of the wolf is the Pax

PAX – Blue Hen, Hardie, Tramp Stamp, Fortran, Flounder, Chipper, Spicoli, Sludge, Deliverance, Sprinkler, Crankbait, Checkbook, Dr. Evil, Far Side, Fanny Pack, Dean.

16 Pax showed up waiting on Gilmore to arrive. Meanwhile, Dean showed up knowing that he didn’t have the Q.  But, when Gilmore has a sick 2.0 (hope all get better of course), Dean had no problem stealing the Q from a fellow wolfpacker as the strength of the wolf is the other pax …Needless to say, everyone was shocked that Dean had not learned his lesson after stealing a Q from Crankbait only a few months ago.  Let the record show that Dean has Q’ed (4) times for F3 Kernersville, and only been scheduled for (2)…#winning

With that said, after much mumble chatter, a short mosey to the traffic circle for

10x Abe Vigoda in honor of Gilmore, and truly slow they were. Counting for this was inspired by Sprinkler.

10x Windmills – What most Pax think Abe Vigodas are…

15x Cotton Picker

11x Sun Gods and then Schnooks (Dean forgot the name of this exercise due to the intense pressure of an unexpected Q steal…the theft from Crankbait was premeditated).

20x Copperhead Squat

15x Copperhead Merkins (in perfect Flo-rida form)

Mosey to Bus parking.

50%, 75%, and 100% sprints. Dean, having not prepared, improvised the start and finish lines seamlessly.

Mosey to hill by bus drop off.

11x Dips at top and monkey humpers at bottom (Monkey humpers in Cadence)

Mosey to outdoor benches

Partner-up for run to flag-pole with 2 burpees while partner does Irkins, Derkins, Squats, and Lt. Dans. Much confusion was had here by the Pax.  Dean thinks the confusion was led by Sludge in a vain attempt to sabotage the exercise!

Mosey the long way to the bus parking area for another round of 50%, 75%, and 100% sprints (to kill time…)

Mosey to basketball court for Mary’s.

20x LBC (Zippo lighter style)


10x Cindy Crawford each side

10x Low Slow Flutter (Pax were getting nervous about Q stealing too much of their time by going over 6:15, so we did them quickly. Crankbait pointed out the irony of doing LSF “quickly”)

15x American Hammer to close (Dr. Evil criticized the Q’s form…while fantasizing about Flo-rida’s impeccable form)

2x Pax, while somewhat injured did as much as they felt healthy enough to do…which should be an inspiration to any fartsackers out there….

At the count-off, Dean allowed Fortran to be the fourth Pax so he could emphasize FOUR-tran. Meanwhile, Deliverance credited the Q for a good workout

Announcements: V3 Sunday night, donations to crank bait.

Prayers: Irma, Far Side’s aunt’s family, Linda Parker surgery next week, Far Side Run, Todo.

Far Side took us out.

A second-degree Q-Stealer,