Red White Boom

Red White and Boom  Monday September 4th


14 Lucky Pax members + the Q posted this perfect morning for a stroll in the park with benches.


Pax: Dr. Evil, Kryptonite , Crank Bait, Special Ed, Gilmore, Fanny Pack, Tender Foot, Dean, Chipper, Pacer, Fergie, Tardy, Flo Rida, Blue Hen


Q: Sludge


Mosey to the parking lot in the back of the park for warmarama after the well scripted disclaimer was given.



Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods



The Thang

At every bench or picnic table we stopped and did some version of a merkin, irkin, derkin, leg exercise, or ab exercise.

There with 15 Bench’s that we stopped at on our stroll through the park.


Nice job by the Pax, thanks for letting me make it up as we went along. I hope everyone got a good workout. The Mumble Chatter was fantastic!!!!!!


Prayer Request

  1. Maggie’s procedure
  2. Sophie
  3. Alpo and Pierce



Please reach out to someone you have not seen and keep asking those who don’t know about F3 to come for a walk in the park or RUN!


Ed (our special guest) led us out.




It is always a wonderful privilege to lead this group.




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