Flash Bang Friday September 1, 2017

24 Lucky Pax members + the Q. Posted this nice morning to see what Farside had instore for them.

Pax: Kryptonite, Crank Bait, Dean, Kay Y, Dr. Evil, Crawdaddy, Epstein, Spicoli, Lucky Charms, Dano, Pacer, Tramp Stamp, Fortran, Blue Hen, Sprinkler, Fergie, Hardy, Chipper, Deliverance, Fanny Pack, Tardy, False Start, Tender Foot, Gilmore, and Check Book

Q: Sludge

No good morning. How are you doing? No disclaimer or mission statement. Why? Because no one brought an FNG……………Mosey down through the park around the playground past the bathrooms between the tennis courts, did not break stride at the warm up circle (some of the Pax stopped) finally ending up at the bus parking lot for warmarama.

Just as we were beginning the warmarama there was a shadow running up the lot. It was chipper. Now that the whole Fam Damily was together we started, or did we? Q called Abes and I think he forgot for a second then started but there was mumble chatter about are they Don Quixotes (note to self slow down)

Cotton Pickers
Sun Gods sobriety style

As usually when we do not start out with Side Straddle Hops someone complains so we played a song and did what was below.

All the People Said Amen by Matt Maher & Fortran (Nice Job Fortran you are the songbird of your generation)

Side Straddle Hops with Burpee’s on AMEN (total of 13 burpees and a lot of side straddle hops)

Mosey onto the Track.

The Thang

Brake up into teams of 4. There are two pain stations at the halfway point on the track. 1 station is all plank exercises and the other station is all ab exercises. You will have 2 pax members of each team at each station. 2 pax members will do the exercise at the pain stations while the other 2 pax members run the track to relieve the pax member at the opposite pain station and then they will do the exercise. Pax chose

Modified Mary

Thunder Struck by AC/DC
Thunder Merkins
Al Gore after Merkins while waiting on orangutan squats
Thunder Struck orangutan squats
Thunder was said 15 times while Thunderstruck was said 20 times.


Nice Job to the Pax sorry for the little of confusion on the track but I hope everyone got their sweat on.

Prayer Request and Praises

Hunter (Tender Foot and Candy Cane’s scout) that is recovery from brain tumor surgery. He is at home and doing well, Maggie (Dean’s baby girl) heart procedure, Alpo, Toto, Checkbooks back.

Help Alpo Sunday at 11:30 his house for final move.

Thanks to Farside for allowing me to take over his Q. Hope his Back/Leg pain gets better so he can return to the Gloom and lead Roxane.

Please reach out to someone you have not seen and keep asking those who don’t know about us to come for a walk in the park or run!

Crankbait led us out.

It is truly a privilege to be a part and lead this group.


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