Backblast 8/23/17 Poison Ivey Gold cup/gladiator/rugby rematch

21 Pax: Crankbait, Kay, Epstein, Sludge, Blue Hen, Fortan, Chipper, Lucky Charms, Tramp Stamp, Sprinkler, Deliverance, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Kandy Kane, Flounder, Fanny Pack, Tarde, Yorkie, Fergie, Pacer

The fog was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. The pax set off on a mosey w/o the Q. Wheres Pacer??!?! Whats that in the distance? Is it swamp thing? Is it Nessie? Nope its YHC finishing the the gladiator arena setup. YHC made a quick scan of the pax revealed no fng’s so on with the show.(some mumble chatter to trick the Q about said fng’s didn’t work)

Warm a rama
15-abe vigotas(IC)
20-cotton pickers(IC)
15-forward/backward-sun gods(sobriety style)(IC)

Bear/Bear soccer
Divide up into 2 teams
Cant go inside circle around goal
If ball goes out-5 burpees for everyone. Spot throw back in play. Every goal-team that gets scored on runs to top of hill @ 2nd pole-5 Lt. Dans

Nice job by Kay to prevent an early sabotage by Gilmore for burpees even though he looked like he was diving on a grenade.

And the fun begins……
Team shirts scored first. Nice display of passing Kandy Kane, Kay, and Yorkie. It was followed by a questionable pick on YHC from Fergie to seal the goal. Team 1 came back to score the tying goal with the help of some nice wing play from Sludge and Dr Evil. There was a lot of great defensive plays on both sides which made Gilmore say repeatedly “5 more burpees”. He looked something like this when he said it.

Final score:
Fanny pack carrying team 1 on his shoulders to victory. Scoring both goals.

Will that be the end??????? Or will it be best 2 out of 3????????

Mosey to lower parking lot

Don’t let me down by the chainsmokers. When they say “I need u”-plank jack=~14, “down”-merkin=~42
Not a whole lot of mumble chatter during this one. A lot of grunting though for some reason. Maybe it was because of the 60 or so burpees from lack of ball control/wild shots(or as Dr. Evil said “hey! He just pacered it”). Good one Evil. Keep em comin.

20-low flutters(IC)
15-American Hammers(IC)

Prayer requests:
Sludges co-worker’s mom passed after battling Alzheimer’s

David Meyers

Malcolm moore- heart surgery

Hunter- brain tumor surgery

Yorkies aunt- breast cancer


Dean- congrats on the birth of your daughter.

It is always an honor. SYITG!