Backblast 8/19/17 Pain-In-The-Park – It’s Moving Day

22 Pax: Alpo (YHC), Fortran, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Hobbes, Tightrope, Tramp Stamp, Pacer, Sludge, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Kryptonite, Doubtfire, Special Ed, Deliverance, Jordache, Beauche, Dixie, Radar, Epstein, FloRida, Dr. Evil

It was “Moving Day” for YHC so why not start out with a Q. The PAX had gathered at the designated location by the football fields and YHC made the call that “No gloves would be needed” this proved to be a serious error. With a quick mumble fumble of our Purpose, the PAX were off with a Mosey to the front of the school.

Warm a Rama

20 – SSH (IC)
15 – Don Quixotes (IC)
15 – Cotton Pickers (IC)
5 Burpees (OYO) for the late arrival of Dixie who clearly didn’t
didn’t get the memo of the gathering.
10 – Sun Gods (Kerrigan Style) EW
10 – Chinooks (Sobriety Style) EW

Indian Run around the school and up to the track for The Thang


Partner Up – Partner 1 runs one lap around the track, Partner 2
works on the cumulative of the following:

100 – Merkins
200 – LBCs
300 – Mountain Climbers (Single Count)
400 – Squats

Switch upon completion of the lap.

The PAX finished the task quickly as it was the intent of YHC for
this to consume most of the time. So we moseyed again around the

Guardrails were observed and 7’s of Dips and Derkins was called
with instant rebuffing of the YHC for saying No Gloves Needed.
Therefore, 7’s was changed to 11’s.

Continue around the school to the bus stop benches for a Ladder
of 10 Plank Up Erkins.

With nothing left YHC called for Mary

15 – Boxcutters (IC)
20 – Dolly (IC)
Homer and Marge
30 – American Hammers (Dr. Evil had the count)

Prayer Requests and Announcements
Tramp Stamp’s sister leaving for Morocco for two years.
Dean’s newly pregnant wife and child’s instantaneous birth.
Sign Up for Kay’s guys weekend

T-Claps for everyone that came and helped with the packing of
the truck. It only took us 3 hours to load the whole truck.

I will truly miss all of you. It has been an honor
to be a part of the K’Ville PAX and I look forward to my
visits back.



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