Red, White & Boom, August 21, 2017 Eclipse!

The Pax: Radar, Epstein, Fanny Pack, Hardy, Rainbow, Trampstamp, Blue Hen, Flounder, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Deliverance, Fortran, Dr Evil, Spicoli, Sludge, Fergie, Surge, FloRida (QIC)

Eighteen sun lovers assembled in the pre-dawn gloom to practice functioning without sunlight in anticipation of this afternoon’s solar eclipse.  Thanks to Crawdaddy for appreciating YHC’s solar musical references.  Welcome to Surge (Serge?) visiting from Greensboro and attesting to Kay’s diligence maintaining the website so people can find us.  Absent pax Doubtfire and Boo Boo, not satisfied with a mere 94% obscuration, decamped to camp downrange in the path of totality.  Here’s expecting that you boys found something productive to do early this morning.

Having no FNGs, YHC made no attempt at a disclaimer, mission or any other useful statement.  We did, however, surface that Radar is prepared with eclipse glasses.  Hoping for his sake that he did not buy them from Ollie’s, a roadside vendor, or the Kaleidium scratch and dent store.

With a trailer left over from Saturday’s Honeybee festival intruding our usual warmup cul-de-sac like the moon in the path of the sun, the Pax moseyed to the lower parking lot of the school for a Warmarama ellipse (not the same as an eclipse, and certainly not looking like a circle this morning. Ask Deliverance’s M if you need help on that.) including:

Side Straddle Hops – 15 IC
Don Quixotes – 10 IC to stretch out any backs that, like YHC’s, might still be remembering Alpo’s moving party
Cotton Pickers – 10 IC

After separating into four groups based on birthday and solar positioning, the Pax took the short trot to the outdoor theatre, stopping along the way to collect milk jugs from YHC’s truck, before beginning The Thang, which consisted of four stations, each bearing 10 exercises to be done with waning repetition. After a little initial confusion about the sequence, fully due to YHC’s incomplete instructions, The Pax found its orbit and rotated through each station, moving after each exercise, so 10, 10, 10, 10, 9, 9, ….

Station 1
10           Merkins Wide
9             Dips
8             Catalina Wine Mixer
7             Carolina Dry Docks
6             Crabcakes IC
5             Shoulder Tap IC
4             Plank Toe Touch IC
3             Peter Parker Merkin – nice work Fanny Pack to modify and keep moving
2             Diamond Merkin
1             Burpee

Station 2
10           Squats
9             Jump Up or Step up IC
8             Lunge each leg
7             Side Hops each side
6             Star Jacks
5             Lt Dan – Exploding
4             Broad Jumps
3             Prisoner Getups
2             Pistol Squats each leg
1             Burpee

Station 3
10           LBCs
9             Reverse LBC
8             WWII
7             Rosalita Wip
6             WWI
5             Cindy Crawford – Thanks, Sludge, for leading the cadence for group 3
4             Pickle Pounder
3             Box Cutter
2             Homer Marge
1             Burpee

Station 4 – with 15 lb Milk Jugs
10           Wonderbra
9             Curls
8             Standing Row
7             Shoulder Press
6             Bent Row
5             Standing Flies
4             Two-Hand Tricep Ext
3             Bent Flies
2             Wood Chopper
1             Burpee

After achieving near totality with a round of Burpees, the Pax waxed back up the ladder, completing the 10 reps of the 10th exercise (Gilmore even had time to plank a bit) and restoring the sun’s full light to the world just in time to return to the shovel flag for a:

Circle of Trust – Rainbow offered gratitude and recognition for the Kernersville Pax’s support for Kenny G (formerly known as Tyler), then led us out with an excellent reminder of why we come out:

… become fit to do Your work…. Men of respect.  Men of faith.  Men who show others how to live life for you.”  Aye! Aye! Aye!

Always a joy, a privilege and an honor to lead this inspiring group of #HIM.


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