9’s + 5 = 49…..saaayyyy whhaaatttttt???

YHC owes all who posted to this epic beatdown an apology.  In my haste to free up space on my communication device I deleted the recording and have no idea who posted. A brief recap will be provided and the few, the proud, the men who posted can bask anonymously in the glory that was, I hope there were no FNG’s and tclaps to Crawdaddy (YHC does remember this) for posting the morning after a GnR concert………….

So some unknown number, YHC believes it to be approx 20 PAX, posted to see what was in store for them on this Friday morn.  Some already had a good idea what the Q (YHC) had in store for them and some were still wondering as we mosey’d to the warm up circle…..

25 SSh’s IC

10 Abe Vigoda’s IC

10 Sungod’s IC, sober, switch legs and rotate arms backwards

24 SSh’s IC

Mosey to hill #1 for some 9’s + 4….Jacob’s Ladder style…starting at bottom of hill, run up to power pole and back down, push out 9 burpees, repeato working your way down to just 1 burpee, when you have finished last single burpee do 4 more, thus the total number of burpees completed is 49 which just happens to correspond to the q’s new age statement….

Mosey to hill #3 (that’s right, YHC skipped hill #2) for some Derkin N’Diayes (Jacob’s Ladder style OF COURSE!!!) at the top benches and LBC’s at the bottom..the count for LBC’s was always 5 with 4 more added to the last rep, the PAX started with 9 DnD’s at the top benches working down to just 1, after the last single DnD complete 4 more, thus completing a total of 49 LBC’s in cadence and 49 DnD’s…..

Mosey to hill #2 for some prisoner get ups, Jacob’s Ladder style, starting at edge of parking lot, run up hill to touch the wall and back down, do 9 prisoner get ups, time was short so the Q Omaha’d this and the PAX mosey’d back to the bball court for Mary..

25 Hammers IC

12 Pretzel Crunches IC, switch legs and repeato..

10 Crawfords IC, switch sides and repeato

24 Hammers IC


Again, apologies for the recording mishap, we prayed for several individuals and causes. YHC was especially thankful to be able to share some time with this group of men…………


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