Backblast for 8/14/17 “speak softly, and carry a big stick”

18 intrepid Pax posted for Red White and Boom this misty morning: Crawdaddy, Tenderfoot, Fannypack, Kay, Sprinkler, FloRida, Alpo, Spicoli, Epstein, Flounder, Crankbait, Gilmore, Rainbow, Dr Evil, Pacer, Chipper, Fortran, Tarde (Q).



SSH x20 IC
Abe vigodas x20 IC (mumblechatter…so let’s slow it down even more…)
Mountain climbers x20 IC (…and let’s speed these up)

Flying sun gods sobriety style (AKA Nancy Kerrigans). Lean torso forward, raise one leg to the back, reach arms out to side and do small arm circles. Forward x10 IC, switch legs and reverse x10IC.  (At some point Crawdaddy requested Tonya Hardings)

Let’s mosey, with some reverso mosey, to the front of the school.


Blankets.  Poles.  In a field at 5:40AM.  Welcome to F3.  It’s not a cult.

Stretcher relay – Teams of 4.  1 victim in stretcher.  2 pax carry.  1 pax stays back and does any combo of wonderbras, bobby hurleys, and LBC’s. Rotate through, so everyone can be the victim. (Tenderfoot mentioned this would work better for transporting small children.  Which was prophetic because…)

One stretcher pole broke immediately.  Backup plan.  That team used their remaining pole for Irkins, Hanging Rowers, and Derkins.  2 pax held the pole horizontally, while the other did the exercise x10, rotating through the positions. (That’s what she said.)

Some nice modifications were made.  Instead of a lap of the field, changed to out and back.  Also went with some 4 person carries.  Great job everyone.  You’re ready to manage the uncertainty of an emergency transport when camping deep in the woods.

After enough of that CSAUP nonsense…

We moseyed to a hill for 7’s.  Bobby Hurley’s at the bottom, and Lt. Dan’s at the top.  (we thought Rainbow was running away until crawdaddy caught him and brought him back…don’t leave us!  It’s not a cult.)


Dying cockroaches x20 IC
Rosalita Whip x20 IC
Pretzel Crunches x20 IC each side
Low Flutters x20 IC
American Hammers x20 IC

5 Burpees for Crankbait’s birthday!


Announcements and BOM

Sign up for guys weekend at the lake in Nov.  See the tab on Q schedule.

Next Saturday, park your vehicles and gather in lot behind KES, near Raider Football Field, due to Honey Bee festival in 4th of July Park.

Prayers for Rainbow as he embarks on a new journey toward becoming edumacateable and ordained.

Thank you to Sprinkler for leading us out.
Thank you gentlemen.  Always a pleasure.

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