Red,White and Boom – “So you think you can do better” – Backblast 8/7/17

Red White and Boom Monday August 7th

Pax: Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Fortran, Deliverance, Sludge, Gilmore, Epstein, Spicoli, Froto, Flounder, Trampstamp, Hardee, Sprinkler,

Q: Started by Tarde then highjacked by Crawdaddy

Mosey to culd-de-sac for Warmarama after processing that we were already wet, may as well exercise. Additional comments made about the oddly appropriate clothing and footware dawned by our resident lifeguard Spicoli.. well.. you’re here.. and I’m here.. so doesn’t that make this “our” time??   Fun commenced.

(Tarde – led)

Imperial Walkers
Abe Vigottas
Cotton Pickers
(Crawdaddy -initiated vote of no confidence as it appeared Tarde had mixed his meds again) – change of Q.
SS Hops

The Thang
Soggy Tour-de-Park
Mosey 1 full circuit showing the 6 stations where unlikely pairs would complete 10 reps per station then take a full lap unto the next station.  Except Sludge who fell on the trial lap and almost had to be put in a home (or put down) due to a wrist injury  but he manned up and survived.  Way to go buddy.  Pax then scattered among much confusion but with good spirit.

  • Stations were – all x 10 at each stop:
  • Ranger Irkins (could have used a few more but hey..)
  • Dying Cockroaches (IC)
  • Lt. Dans
  • Burpees (sort of a French Dip for your shirt..mmmm French Dip)
  • Freddy Mercury’s
  • Prisoner Get-ups

Pax then rendezvoused at the playset where a few hardy souls AMRAP’d pull ups before time of death was called on the Thang.

With enough rain and soaked in, an fun meters full Pax mosey’d to BB court for Mary.

  • Marge and Homer x 21
  • Low Flutters x 21
  • LBC x 21 – which produced a highly humorous, yet Gilmore-esq sounding symphony
  • Adelles (fatter less motivated version of Cindy Crawfords) – also they think they sounds different – but who are you kidding Adelle? It all sounds the same. Wait, what was my point..? x 21.
  • American Hammers x 21

Prayer Request
1. Toto
2. Eddie and his son Tyler
3. Martin and John Roberts

Reminder :

Pain in the park will be a 5:25 start led by Epstein… Mr. Cahddah’ would be proud of the Sweathog you have become – so no need to bring a shirt.

Sludge led us out.

It was funky – but somehow made it through – thanks fellas.