Red White and Boom, K.I.S.S and the Blessing of 24

Date: July 31, 2017

Pax: Chipper, Radar, Fergie, Deliverance, Crawdaddy, Doogie, FNG Carlton (Bret Oslon), Farkus, Tarde, Flounder, Epstein, Pacer, Gilmore, Alpo, Frodo, Sludge, Fortran, Dr. Evil

QIC: Dr. Evil

Seventeen loyal Pax and a super friendly FNG started the work with this morning after a perfectly landed mission statement and disclaimer (take that, Kerri Strugg!).  As Gilmore searched for an open restroom–anywhere–we moseyed to the tennis courts.  The question of “Where’s Pacer” was answered, as he has spent the past week avoiding the beach fee in NJ wearing a speedo.  Flounder was back from the beach (is he there every week??).  Deliverance introduced himself to Frodo, someone he’s known for about twenty years…amazing what the gloom will do to you.  Doogie almost looked weather appropriate in his full warmup gear #70srunningsuit, and Chipper was back in full effect….


  • SSH’s, 24IC–tough to watch as Alpo replicated Tramp Stamp’s out of sync SSH’s from Friday.
  • Sun Gods, 24IC, Sobriety Style, Reverso–Gilmore caught YHC not calling out the exercise
  • Don Quixote’s, 24IC–Ok, so the cover was blown as Fortran realized that every number was 24….

The Thang

  • 24’s:  Complete 24 merkins on one side of a tennis court, move to the opposite side and complete 24 monkey humpers.  Continue with 23, 22 and so on down to 1 each.  There are many challenging comments made about Sludge at times, but he’s crazy good at math–and he commented that this should be about 300.  And, indeed, it was 300 of each as long as you kept on count.  Thankfully no Carolina Drydocks were in the shuffle for YHC and Crawdaddy, and he crushed them.
  • Couple of notes:  The Q couldn’t readily pair the speaker with his phone, so we went silent — minus, of course, the mumblechatter regarding the lack of a speaker and music…Epstein didn’t make it to the first rep with his shirt on.  Frodo and Farkus were flying back and forth as the only Pax under 22….still some question as to Farkus’s counting ability which really questions his Finance degree….Great conditioning for Fergie with the alumni soccer game looming on August 10th (will he be ready?)  Radar was, again, under the radar–giving only his first name in the COT #witnessprotectionprogram.


  • Happy Anniversary to Dr. Evil!  (cannot believe that his M has stayed with him!)
  • 421 Market & Grill, good showing Sunday night
  • Gilmore commented that he hadn’t seen FloRida (but he Q’ed Gilmore on Saturday)
  • Bret Oslon, HS Teacher and Auctioneer, U. Pittsburgh, U Delaware, lives in Philly, Fresh Prince was suggested but the FNG liked it, Gilmore suggested his side kick, and he will forevermore been known as “Carlton”  Nice job by Tarde for EH’ing the out-of-towner, and planting the seed for a Philly leap….
  • Sludge led us out

Special farewell to Farkus, our Ecolab intern this summer, who made the trip several times from his Battleground apartment to visit with us.  As he said in a note this morning, “If you would have told me on the day we met that we’d be out on some tennis court in Kernersville doing monkey humpers IC as the sun rises, I would have probably called the authorities.”  It was great to have you with us in the gloom, and we fully expect to see you on the roles of the Pax in MN as it continues to grow. Safe travels!