Flashbang Friday, No Count, Good for Nothing…

Flashbang Friday, No Count, Good for Nothing…

Date: 07/28/17

Pax: Crawdaddy, Blue Hen, Dean, Tramp stamp, Chipper, Epstein, Gilmore, Kapernick, Sludge, Flo Rida, Deliverance, Fortran, Luck Charm, Dr. Evil

QIC: Dr. Evil

Fourteen loyal Pax joined so no disclosures necessary–let’s mosey to the Bus Parking lot.  (Some grumblings about YHC’s lack of proper start with mission, disclosures, blah blah blah 🙂 )


  • SSH’s, 25IC tclaps to Tramp for SSH’ing to his own beat, and YHC could not replicate
  • Sun God’s, 25IC, Reverso, Sobriety Style–at which point the Mystery Machine minus Shaggy and Scooby drove through.  “So what are we going to do with the dead body now?” mumblechatter gets high marks for the day from the Pax… #tooshadyforcandyvan
  • Plank Jack, 25IC
  • Peter Parkers, 20IC

Mosey to bus route area

The Pax was patient (sort of) as YHC gave directions for the path that we would follow.  No counting required.  With the trouble that some of the Pax have with their numbers, YHC thought this might be a welcome relief. This should have allowed for maximum mumblechatter, but it seems that most were looking for a breath.:

  • Squats under rail, down one side and back, rinse and repeat 36 total  Deliverance appreciated the nod to the smaller stature pax….Nod to Blue  Hen for making it happen!
  • Bear crawl with merkin at each parking line, crawl bear back, 18 total
  • Burpees at each pole past benches, 20 total  Lucky Charm was eager to start…and finish…
  • Three Dips per bench crawling from each bench, 21 total  Chipper showing tricep love as he quickly moves from a steady running diet to a F3 beatdown diet…
  • Side crawl crossing lines, no touching black pavement, 18 total lines, Epstein went Chippendale reminding YHC why YHC leaves his shirt on #oldguy
  • Lunge with squat, 25 parking lot lines starting at football field fence  Sludge lapped the field on this one…
  • Merkins at every line to second fire lane paint in crossing area, 25  seriously, have you seen the perfect form from Kapernick on his merkins??
  • Crab walk under gate, 25 lines  Fortran was amazingly polite letting others go under the gate ahead of him…strong finish by Gilmore, no doubt..  Crawdaddy managed to protect his shoulder by modifying up with broad jumps to each line and squats at each…
  • Jim Jones, bus lot, every line, merkin at first line, total 12 merkins, but a lot of running darn Dean showing his youth by killing the field…well, except for Flo Rida #gazelle


  • Plank for time by Q
  • Low slow flutters, 25 IC
  • American Hammers, 25IC


  • Tyler in your prayers, 4-6pm Sunday night at Pierce Jefferson, funeral for Eddie on Monday at 11am at MSUMC
  • Sophie
  • Far Side with family health issues (definitely missed him on Friday!)
  • Martin Roberts and his family….Martin is still missing, keep him in your prayers
  • Alpo and his 2.0, navigating the trials of the move #beingagooddad
  • Crankbait and his mom and her husband–his mom’s husband had gall bladder surgery, other issues…
  • Dean is waiting until tomorrow to decide if he will take the Q…
  • Saturday–starting moving ‘stuff’ from church to parking lot
  • Some consensus on channels, note from Kay that he’s work on it.  Still tclaps to Kay for working so hard on this–we’re ahead of the curve compared to other AO’s #welldone!
  • Blue Hen led us out.

Always an honor!

Dr. Evil