Back Blast Poison Ivey 7/26 ZUENA!!

ZUENA! Ugandan Pop Stars

15 PAX – Sludge, Tight Rope, Fortran, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Deliverance, Kay, Dean, Craw Daddy, Kryptonite, Epstein, Chipper, Tramp Stamp, Yoyo, Blue Hen.

Dean awoke early in the morning and checked the schedule to see if he could steal another Q from Crank-bait….and low and behold, Dean was on the schedule. Prepared as ever, Dean started the Q one minute early with all those “Don’t sue” disclaimers.  In honor of Craw Daddy, Dean didn’t want to waste workout time on saying all that stuff.

The workout began with the Bataan death march (Indian run with 3 burpees for last man) up to the main road. Along the way, Dean noted that it is unpopular to do burpees before warming up.  In fifty years, when Dean gets to be as old as Dr. Evil is now, he will remember this day as some unsuspecting 30-year old whippersnapper forces Dean to tear a muscle after a lack of warm-up.

Then, the warm-up began with:

16x Abe Vigoda

15x BIG Sun Gods

20x Copperhead Squat

10x Copperhead Merkin

15x Mountain Climber

10x Toy Soldier (City Slicker Version of the Frankenstein)

15x Hillbilly (For any non-city slickers)

For the Thang, everyone moseyed to the big parking lot for (5) corners due to the shape of the parking lot. Much confusion was had as to how a parking lot could have (5) corners.  Counting to (5) being a graduate level class at UNC Chapel Hill, Dean understands how some could be confused.

The Five Corners were:

50 Merkins

50 Monkey Humpers

40 Carolina Dry Docks

30 Lt. Dans

20 Burpees (Crowd Favorite)

In between the Five corners, the PAX had to run to the hill, crab walk down, 10 LBC, then bear crawl up and mosey to the next corner.

Then, the group moseyed to the picnic tables for two rounds of:

30 dips

20 Irkins

10 Derkins

Then a mosey to the lower lot for Marys:

2 minutes of Roxanne ZUENA! For Todo, who Dean has never met.  Although, Dean lived in Uganda for 3.5 months, and since there were so many Jinja ninjas present, it felt appropriate, and found the Pop stars Radio and Weasel (singers of Zuena) to be epic.  At each Zuena mention in the song, the PAX did push-ups.

Then 15x LBC

10x Cindy Crawford Each side

15x Low Slow flutter

20x American hammers

Announcements: Website/slack are fully working thanks to efforts by Kay.  YHC suggests a new channel be added called “Monday morning quarterbacking” where Dr. Evil and Sludge can hash out which of the other channels should be deleted.

Prayer Requests: Eddie Douglas passed away, keep family in prayers.  Sophie and Family.

Gilmore took us out.

Here’s your ten count,