Red White and Boom Monday July 24th

12 Lucky Pax members + the Q posted this humid morning to see what the title of the workout Guns and Guts meant. I think Yoyo posted because he said he already looked like Dr. Evil.

Pax: Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Fortran, Deliverance, Wally, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Epstein, Crank Bait, Tight Rope, YOYO, Deliverance, Chipper

Q: Sludge

Mosey to the parking lot in the back of the park for warmarama after the disclaimer. Wait there was no disclaimer and pre-workout speech because we had no FNG’s!!!!!!

Sun Gods
Wide Merkins
Cotton Pickers

The Thang
Traveling Merkins
Pick a line in the back lot. Starting at the end of the line with 2 merkins (add 2 more merkins after each travel). At the end of the line qty 15 WWII’s. Depending on how far you could travel each time there should be about 200 Merkins total (unless you could not follow instructions (Dr. Evil) then you could have done like 512 Merkins but the Pax got him back on track. Where is Pacer and his sesame street counting app?) There 60 WWII’s.

Moseyed to the Picnic shelter
Irkins, Dips, Legs on the bench/crunches
3 sets of 15 each

Moseyed to the playground in the park
Low Slow Flutters (there was a comment made so we did the wide just for Evil) Oh yeah point your toes!!!
Pretzel Crunches Both legs
Cindy Crawford’s
(Another comment was made that when Q does count correctly he sounds like Peter off the Brady Bunch. That one was funny)

Moseyed to the parking lot past the gate beside the dumpsters since we figured the smell would over power Gilmore (No Luck Gilmore Wins)
Homer & Marge

Moseyed to the benches @ bus loading
Kaytar N’Diaye with 1 Irkin on the bench and Merkin on the side walk
Qty 10
On the same benches, we did American Hammers

Moseyed to the shovel Flag

Speed bump at school entrance for 10 diamond merkins

Then we finished the mosey to the shovel flag

We had birthday Burpees/Slurpee’s for the Q’s 43rd Birthday.

Prayer Request
1. Sophie
2. Eddie and his son
3. Tight Ropes Neighbor
4. Alpo and Pierce
5. Toto
1. 7 Pax members and a 2.0 who served at the Bethesda Center Sunday Night

Saturday 29th in the 4th of July park Main St. Methodist Church will be have a community wide picnic at lunch to give back to the community we are fortunate to live in. The need help setting up and taking down. Dr. Evil suggested going after Pain in the Park to the church and help them load up. More to follow.

Please reach out to someone you have not seen and keep asking those who don’t know about F3 to come for a walk in the park or RUN!

Sludge led us out.

It is always a wonderful privilege to lead this group.