Pain in the Park July 22, 2017 – Forever 21

The Pax:  Sludge, Tightrope, Special Ed, Alpo, Dr. Evil, Jordache, Hobbes, Radar, Cube, Trampstamp, Farkas, Lucky Charms, FloRida

QIC:   FloRida

In weather only a homesick Florida expat could love, a baker’s dozen of High Impact Men posted up to shed some water weight and Sharpen the Iron.  A quick glance around confirmed the absence of both Spurrier and ForTran, alleged to be collaborating on a  _____________ Mountain camping trip (you fill in the blank).  With no FNG’s and no disclaimer but a faithful recitation of the Mission (we are getting better at this after Kay listed it on the new homepage), we were off to the parking lot cul-de-sac for a Warmarama consisting of:

15 Cotton Pickers IC
15 Frankensteins IC – Sludge unable to keep his inner monster stationary.
12 Peter Parkers IC-  An eruption of mumblechatter about the QIC’s deceitful prior dismissal of the need for gloves.  Really?  For 12 Peter Parkers?
12 Parker Peters IC

After which QIC offered time for a quick dash to the truck for gloves, accepted by none, before moseying to the football field.  Encountering one locked gate, QIC succumbed to self-doubt and attempted to abandon the planned venue.  The intrepid Pax, however, was undeterred and proceeded, leaderless, to penetrate the perimeter via the second, chained but not-quite-locked entrance, thereby preserving the QIC’s plan for The Thang:

21s – Merkins at the Football Field sideline and Squats at (almost) midfield.  QIC encouraged a push to failure, and, heeding his own advice, hit his knees for a few Merkins somewhere in the middle.  Props to Sludge and Dr Evil for helping out a brother as the reps got long.  Farkas finished early on, but acknowledged some indeterminate counting method. No one knows for sure how many reps.

21s – LBCs at the near sideline and Plankjacks at the opposite sideline.  Tclaps to Dr Evil and Cube for keeping the pace up across the field as the reps mounted.  #TheEdgeOfMerlot.  Steady effort by Hobbes yielded continuous motion at the north end of the field.  Trampstamp, Radar, Tightrope and Alpo hung together like a Band of Brothers at the south end.  #ISI.

Lucky Charms expressed hope that the Q’s bag of tricks included juice boxes and goldfish snacks, but alas, it was only the rep-counting pads, which YHC found to be a lifesaver, but were used, judging from the condition of the returns, by few others.

After a final round of 22 Derkins (OYO) in memory and awareness of USA veterans struggling with PTSD and other mental health issues, the Pax, minus Sludge who peeled off to E.H. a nearby jogger (hey, that’s how we got Kapernick and Hobbes…),  moseyed back to the basketball court for

6 or so Minutes of Mary, including: Box Cutters, 15 IC Cindy Crawfords, 10 IC American Hammers, 25 IC

Thoughts and Prayers:
Alpo and 2.0
Eddie and Tyler
Special Ed’s church is on the path to reconciliation.
Hobbes expressed his faith, gratitude and love before leading us out with spirit.

A joy, an honor, and a privilege to lead this inspiring group of HIM!