Ballerinas at Flashbang Friday 7/21/2017

What unique offseason training were Lynn Swann and Herschel Walker both known for?  Ballet.  If it’s good enough for those guys, it’s good enough for F3.  Tights and tutus optional.

Lynn Swann Lake?

WARM-O-RAMA @ tennis courts

  • SSH x15 IC
  • Abe Vigoda – x15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers – 15 IC
  • Chillcut Shoulder Taps x15 IC
  • Ballerinas (Toe Squats) x15 IC

(Warm-o-rama mumble-whine:  It’s too dark.  The Chilcut shoulder taps are too easy.)

Let’s Mosey (mumblechatter about “why are we running so far?”)

SOME THANG – @ benches behind school, ranger irkins x22 (respect for our soldiers)

THE MAIN THANG – @courtyard behind school

First we ran the loop 3 times:  Starting at the handrails, sidewalk, up stairs, across the parking spaces, down sidewalk to handrails.  YHC then gave a highly technical explanation of the ten lines/curb in the parking spaces (with UNC/NCSU commentary & mumblechatter)

Pair up.  YHC was odd man out.  Thanks to Fergie and Pacer for letting me be the third wheel.

Round 1

  • Partner 1 hanging rowers on handrail AMRAP
  • Partner 2 run up stairs to parking area, bear crawl back w/ 1 CDD on 1st line, adding 1 for each line (10 lines, result is a total of 55 CDDs), run down hill to tag partner and switch.  

(Note: The ladder of CDD’s was a challenge.  I completed them, but don’t fault anyone for modifying.  #justmythirdQ  I observed, and changed the strategy for rounds 2 and 3.)

Round 2

  • Partner 1 Ballerinas at the handrail AMRAP
  • Partner 2 run up stairs to parking area, standing broad jump w/ 1 burpee on each line (10 lines, results is 10 burpees), run down hill to tag partner and switch

Round 3

  • Partner 1 decline plank feet on handrail, shoulder taps, AMRAP
  • Partner 2 run up stairs to parking area, lunges, w/ bobby hurley on each line (10 lines, result is 10 Bobby Hurleys), run down hill to tag partner and switch

YHC then asked Chipper (our newest Pax) to choose (nice try by Dr. Evil to steal the choice, but nope) the next workout segment (Burpees or Pull-Ups).  That choice led to…

ANOTHER THANG @bus parking lot behind school.

  • Grab a parking line for 10 Slalom Burpees

ROOOOOOOOXXXXANE @ Tennis Courts.  It’s a Friday tradition.  Thank you Kay for leading Pax to the Tennis Courts while YHC retrieved the boom box.

6 MOM @ Tennis Courts

  • Pretzel Crunch – x15 left, x15 right (thank you Gilmore for the demonstration)
  • Rosalita Whip – x16
  • AH – x15


Count-o-rama = 21

Name-o-rama: Farside, Radar, Fortran, Crawdaddy, Pacer, Fergie, FloRida, Kay, Dr Evil, Special Ed, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Lucky Charm, Crankbait, Hardy, Tramp Stamp, Flounder, Sprinkler, Epstein, Chipper, Tarde (Q)


  • “shmedfest” fundraiser in August held at Triad Park to benefit Crisis Control Ministries.  
  • Need a couple of additional folks to help serve meals at the Bethesda center this Sunday, meet at Main Street UMC at 6:45PM.

Prayer Requests:

  • Eddie Douglas in hospital, stable but still a long way to go.  Also prayers for his son Tyler.  Collecting money for gift cards / gas cards for Tyler.  Any additional funds collected for website will go to this cause.
  • Keep our traveling Pax in your prayers

Ball of Man: Thank you to Gilmore for leading us out.

Always an honor,