Back Blast Poison Ivey 7-19-17 Gold Cup

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Pax: Fortran, Epstein, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Yo-Yo, Sprinkler, Radar, Hardee, Flounder, Crankbait, Dr. Evil, Kay, FloRida, Sludge, High Heelz, Kandy Kane, Alpo, TramP StamP
Q: Pacer
19 die hard Pax gathered in the gloom waiting for the Q. Dean didn’t show so YHC took the reins.
The mumble chatter started out the gate when YHC asked for a count. Heres how it works- enjoy
Mosey to upper lot
Warm a rama
  • 15-ssh(IC)
  • 15-abe vigotas(IC)(Baywatch style)#yourwelcome
  • 15-cotton pickers(IC)(Baywatch style)#givethePAXwhattheyaskfor
  • 12-forward/backward-sun gods(sobriety style)(IC)
Mosey to the field
The Thang
Bear/crab soccer
Divide up into 2 teams
One team are bears, one is crab. NO GOALIES(Alpo)
If ball goes out-5 burpees for everyone. Spot kick back in play.
Wait… why is Gilmore running…
YHC still giving instructions… oh well… lets do some burpees.
Every goal-team that gets scored on runs to top of hill-5 Lt. Dans
Switch roles each goal bears/crab
Nice job by everyone! This will surely reappear.
I took a pic of Dr. Evil after the first goal when he got to the top of the hill.
Mumble chatter ensued. It went something like this.”U cant do that! Now there is this rule and that rule….”
Nice teamwork on both sides. Both teams deployed the donut formation.
T-claps for some standout plays:
Fortran-trapping the ball with your head multiple times.
Evil,Kandy Kane, Sprinkler, High Heelz– great ball movement
Alpo, Radar– Goalkeeping…..wait…NO Goalies. #Knewthatrulewouldntwork
Sludge– nice wing play and clutch goal-looked like Maradonna

Kay– nice rocky impression( no not that rocky)- multiple times. Look

 Yo-yo– clutch tying goal as time expired. Evil deployed the jazz hands decoy that distracted our defenders.
Game finished 2-2. Tie breaker coming soon!!
Mosey to lower lot
Kay was selected to choose #1 or #2. He chose #2
YHC cranked up the boombox and played:
Don’t let me down by The Chainsmokers.
  • “I need u”-plank jack=~14,
  • “down”-merkin=~42.

Need to verify those figures. It seemed like there were more. Just be glad Kay didn’t choose #1. Don’t worry it will surface sooner or later.

  • Superman
  • 15 ea.Superman(yellow sun- forward; red sun backwards)IC *Dr Evil under his breath”I haven’t used an ab muscle yet”#tryingtoevenoutyourcore
  • 20-low flutters(IC)
  • 15-American Hammers(IC)
Prayer concerns:
YHC accidentally stopped recording but these are ones I recall.
  • Martin Roberts- still missing
  • Toto
  • Hobbs
  • Jamie R. & fam.- 3rd child due today
  • Pray More- Rev. Billy Graham via Gilmore
  • Eddie Douglas-FMC

FloRida took us out in prayer.

As always its an honor to lead such a fine group of men,